Waste management

  • pre-treatment and recycling of paper,plastic, aluminium and electronic waste
  • producing alternative fuel and preparation of biomass and pretreated waste for energy recovery
  • FE-Group Invest Plc.


    FE-GROUP INVEST Plc. provides all round services in waste treatment. They collect and recycle wastes, and create complex waste collection systems.  

    Address H-1108 Budapest, Sírkert u. 2-4., Hungary
    Phone +36 -1-422-1904


    Web www.fegroup.hu
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  • Holofon Inc.

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    The founders of the company are professionals with expertise acquired in plastic industry, processing and distribution. With its dominant market share, Holofon Zrt. is the leading plastic recycling company of Hungary. The annual production capacity is 10.000 tons. Recycling is performed through an environment friendly technology whose basic processes are selecting, crushing, grinding and granulating. According to the types of wastes taken over, the base materials are HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS base materials.


    H-2086 Tinnye, Perbáli út 2. , Hungary


    +36 -26/335-555



    Web www.holofon.hu
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  • Inter-Metal Recycling Ltd.


    Inter-Metal Recycling is one of Hungary's leading companies in the field of metal and electronic waste processing. We thrive to contribute significantly to the rational management of natural resources by collecting, separating and recycling waste.  Our company is 100% Hungarian-owned, performs wholesale collection, preparation and processing of ferrous and nonferrous scrap, electronic waste collection and treatment, purchase of waste batteries, domestic and international freight transport, demolition activities.

    Our central site has an area of 50,000 m2 located in Budapest. The majority of the collected metal- and electronic scrap have being processed here.

    In addition to our central collection and processing yard we receive waste at five other sites within Hungary. In Szeged, Polgár, Szekszárd, Csorna and Budapest-Rákospalota.

    We collect waste from manufacturers, businesses and institutions, as well as from the general public in cooperation with commercial entities that are obliged to take back their waste.

    We collect waste from telecommunications equipment manufacturers (Ericsson, HP, Samsung, Nokia Siemens Network, Cisco) on behalf of our global partners. We process their scrap material with the highest recycling level as possible. We can also guarantee the secure treatment of sensitive materials like data carriers or branded material scrap.

    Our applied technology includes sorting, manual dismantling and mechanical shredding.


    1211 Budapest, Budafoki út 5-7

    Phone: +36-30-988-2611


    E-mail: .
  • Mikrolin Hungary Ltd.


    MIKROLIN is a specialist in plastic waste recycling. The plastic waste from packaging, contruction and WEEE as well as PVC, PP, PE is recycled and converted into various finished products.


    2800 Tatabánya, Búzavirág u. 7. Hungary





    Web www.mikrolin.hu
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  • Palota Környezetvédelmi Ltd.

    The Palota Environmental Ltd.  offers services in waste management, hazardous waste treatment and soil remediation.


    1151 Budapest, Szántóföld út 2-4. Hungary


    +36 -1-308-1350



    Webhely www.palotakft.hu 


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  • Pandan Ltd.

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    Pandan Ltd.’s main activity is basically plastic processing, during which the company makes products of high plastic content for the environmental protection industry and the energy industry as well.

    Besides the company provides complex services, developments and implementations on this field.

    These latter works are supported by the special designer companies and designers of the professional fields, which results Pandan® Ltd. has decades of experience of cooperation in the field of waste water cleaning, power engineering, logistics, packaging industry and construction industry.


    9700 Szombathely, Zanati út 38. Hungary





    Web www.pandan.hu
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  • Recobin Ltd.


    The main activity of Recobin Ltd. is environmental management consulting, environmental education and operating complex waste management systems in office buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions, logistics parks and other industrial facilities. This service contains classification of the entire waste stream, preparation of municipal waste for removal, compaction and regular removal of recyclable materials, and also the training of companies and the cleaning staff.

    The result of the above processes - in addition to the environmentally conscious operation of the facility - is that after the reduced municipal waste stream, the total cost of waste management does not increase or does not increase significantly for the entire facility.

    In our co-operations we take all waste-related activities and tasks off the shoulders of our Partners and we adapt to the local characteristics of the facility; therefore, in addition to our basic services our Partners can also count on us in organizing the disposal of discarded furnitures, certified shredding of confidential paper waste, transport of electronic and hazardous waste, communication with the public service operator and disinfecting waste storage and storage containers.

    In cooperation with our customers, we regularly launch waste collection and communication campaigns due to environmental and social responsibility.

    In addition to the efficient recycling and reuse of waste, it is also important for us to promote the “zero waste” approach and the transition to a circular economy - to integrate the relevant practices into the daily lives of waste-producing companies, to our Partners.


     1096 Budapest, Thaly Kálmán utca 39. Hungary


    00 36 30 779 04 46

    Web www.recobin.hu
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  • Tisza-Bérc Ltd.


    TISZA – BÉRC Ltd. is a 100% hungarian owned company.

     Currently owning four establishments it has been constantly flourishing since its creation.

    Our company’s main purpose is collecting and processing hazardous and non-hazardous waste produced by companies and individuals. We also organize competitive waste collection events, where kindergartens and schools in Miskolc and its region collect paper waste, PET and other drink bottles. Around 100 schools join these events every year.

    We have every permission required for all our activities to take place, which are always in accordance with current environmental legislation. Our company has the MSZ ISO 9001 and MSZ 14001 quality and environmental management system in place.

    Our goal is to increase the recovered raw materials from waste,decreasing its negative effects on the environment making production more sustainable.

    Address 3531 Miskolc, Kiss Ernő u. 17. Hungary