• laboratory tests
  • accredited measuring, sampling (air, noise, soil, vibration, water, waste, wastewater)
  • The Bálint Analitika Ltd. provides services on water, sewage water, soil, waste, air, food sampling and analysis, and human analysis and product qualification. They own a Medical Diagnostics Laboratory, too.
    Address H- 1116 Budapest, Fehérvári út 144., Hungary 
    Phone +36-1-206 0732
    Fax +36-1-3826137
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  • The Bárczy Environmental Ltd. is specilized to prevent and reduce water pollution. The Bárczy Ltd. developed and patented a special Selective Filtration Technology. They sell ready to use equipment and provides personal consultations.
    Address H-6000 Kecskemét, Thököly út 3. 
    Phone +36/76 057 173

    +36/76 057 173

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  • elg

    Elgoscar-2000 Ltd. offers services in soil remediation, enzyme –catalytic soil and ground water treatment.

    Address H-1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 164., Hungary
    Phone +36 -1-363-7231
    Fax +36-1-467-0188
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  • kvi

    The Eurofins KVI–Plusz Environmental Appraising Office Ltd. offers a wide spectrum of environmental sampling and analysis. The analysis laboratory conducts sampling and analysis in the field of environmental protection: ground water sampling, elaboration of sewage self-assessment plan , monitoring analysis, soil, compost, sewage sludge sampling, sampling and analysis of waste foe waste qualification, composition analysis of household waste, measurement of emissions, measurement of odour, preparation of environmental impact assessment, supervision and state assessment. 


    H-1211 Budapest, Szállító u. 6., Hungary


    +36 -1-261-2978

    Fax +36-1-261-4323

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