Geoconstans Ltd. was established in 2008 to perform waste management tasks, and today it has grown into one of the leading players in the recovery of rubber and plastic waste in Hungary.

Our company's annual waste processing capacity exceeds 8000 tons.

In its waste management activities, the company is primarily engaged in the collection, pre-treatment and recovery of waste from products subject to environmental product charges. We collect and recycle a significant amount of rubber and tyre waste, plastic packaging waste, and we also handle a very wide range of waste materials such as paper, glass, wood and other packaging waste. In addition to the treatment and recovery of waste, we also provide a complex waste management service for our partners, operating waste yards for our contracted industrial and commercial businesses and ensuring that our equipment meets the statutory waste management requirements. We prepare the necessary data for our partners and provide professional advice to our clients on request.

Our waste management activities result in the recovery of plastic and rubber raw materials. Some of the raw materials produced are sold for further processing or used to make our own products. The raw materials produced from waste have a wide range of uses. Our company mainly produces outdoor and indoor sports pitch surfaces and playground surfaces (artificial grass, rubber mats).


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