Recobin Ltd.


The main activity of Recobin Ltd. is environmental management consulting, environmental education and operating complex waste management systems in office buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions, logistics parks and other industrial facilities. This service contains classification of the entire waste stream, preparation of municipal waste for removal, compaction and regular removal of recyclable materials, and also the training of companies and the cleaning staff.

The result of the above processes - in addition to the environmentally conscious operation of the facility - is that after the reduced municipal waste stream, the total cost of waste management does not increase or does not increase significantly for the entire facility.

In our co-operations we take all waste-related activities and tasks off the shoulders of our Partners and we adapt to the local characteristics of the facility; therefore, in addition to our basic services our Partners can also count on us in organizing the disposal of discarded furnitures, certified shredding of confidential paper waste, transport of electronic and hazardous waste, communication with the public service operator and disinfecting waste storage and storage containers.

In cooperation with our customers, we regularly launch waste collection and communication campaigns due to environmental and social responsibility.

In addition to the efficient recycling and reuse of waste, it is also important for us to promote the “zero waste” approach and the transition to a circular economy - to integrate the relevant practices into the daily lives of waste-producing companies, to our Partners.


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