KEXPORT in the land of ecoinnovations – AQUATECH Amsterdam

KEXPORT in the land of ecoinnovations – AQUATECH Amsterdam

Our cluster is participating in a joint booth with 6 Hungarian environmental organizations at the Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition.

Our booth is popular, there are many visitors coming, it is good to see that Hungarian innovations and technologies are interesting and competitive.

In the country of eco-innovations organized by the Water Alliance and EEN, representatives of the exhibiting companies visited the Dutch Innovation Park and the Dutch Pavilion, as well as attended bilateral business meetings, which we hope will contribute to the future success of its members in foreign markets. Our strategic partner, the Hungarian Export Development Agency (HEPA), who are also co-exhibitors at our booth, helped us organize the Dutch program.

Some truly inspirational third-party programs were also available: one week after the official launch, Pet Cup representatives enjoyed the life-size Interceptor and LitterCage, and met dedicated developers from both teams.

Our AQUATECH "water" team: Bálint Analitika Kft., Bárczy Kft., Creatiger Kft., Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, Knot Kft., Pet Cup.

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