Water, waste water

  • construction and renovation works at water utilities, microbiological water monitoring
  • industrial waste water treatment
  • renovation of pipes
  • water loss measurement of water networks
  • Agriapipe Ltd.

    Agriapipe Cleaning, Building, and Servicing Ltd. applies NO DIG procedures to rehabilitate pipes. The company offers services in the fields of identifying and evaluating problems related to pipe networks, planning optimal solutions and executing these technologies.


    • Pipeline inspection with industrial television inspection equipment
    • Mechanical cleaning of pipelines with flexible elements, pull-through tools, turbine tools, rotary tools
    • Renovation of pipelines without excavation
    • Design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for No-Dig processes
    • Design and construction of machines and equipment
    • Technical advice, carbon calculator
    Address: Ipar út 10., H-3396 Kerecsend, Hungary
    Phone +36 30 296 6472


    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Aquacust Ltd.


    AQUACUST WATER LOSS ANALYSIS CO.LTD employs engineers and technologists to carry out diagnostic tests of networks using the latest technologies and instruments, to detect unknown traces and hidden faults in the wiring.

    The company's services include:

    • condition assessment of water supply networks
    • network loss measurement
    • water loss analysis
    • detection of hidden leaks
    • instrument tracing and fitting locating
    • design, construction and operation of continuous network monitoring systems
    • repair of obsolete industrial water networks
    Cím Jobbágy út 37., H-1221 Budapest, Hungary
    Telefon +36 30 222 4554
    Fax +36 23 428 549
    Webhely aquacust.hu/en
    E-mail [email protected]
  • Bárczy Ltd.

    Bárczy Environmental Protection Ltd. specializes in the prevention and remediation of liquid pollution. Since 1991, they have been engaged in engineering service and development activities and in the trade of the replenishing agents, remediation equipment and selective filtration equipment that are part of their profile.

    With their own patented engineering team, they support our partners in industry, construction, hazardous goods handling and the transport sector with innovative processes and equipment for the prevention and response to liquid pollution.

    Address Úrrét 80/M, H-6000 Kecskemét, Hungary
    Phone +36 20 246 4515

    +36 76 057 173

    Web barczy.hu/en/
    E-mail [email protected]
  • Klarwin Magyarország Kft.

    Klarwin has been working with the German manufacturer Grimm & Wulff Anlagen- und Systembau GmbH for many years to produce the best available technology for landfill leachate treatment. Our experience in the construction, commissioning, staff training and worldwide service of our equipment is based on more than 20 years of successful activity. Our list of references is respectable not only in the field of leachate treatment, but also in the field of other reverse osmosis water treatment plants. Our team of specialists and highly trained employees also operate more complex systems that meet both serious military and environmental requirements. 

    Klarwin Magyarország Kft. Is the exclusive distributor of the technology in Hungary. Our domestic references are the following: Pusztazámor - FKF NZrt., Cikó - Vertical Nonprofit Ltd., Sárbogárd - Vertical Nonprofit Ltd., Kisvárda - ÉAK Nonprofit Ltd.


    Gábor Dénes u. 2., D/1, H-1117 Budapest, Hungary


    +36 30 261 8888

    Web klarwin.com
    E-mail [email protected]
  • Senex Környezetgazdálkodási Ltd.
    SenexLogo hu

    The activities of SENEX Environment Management Ltd. mainly include the preparation of environmental audits, risk analyses, damage assessments, impact assessments, and full environmental reviews, as well as the implementation, coordination and monitoring of complex environmental management projects. In addition to this, the company has gained considerable experience in recent years in the development of environmental information systems, and designs, markets and installs biological wastewater treatment plants ranging from domestic scale to municipal scale. Their activities also include modelling of water, air and noise pollution and accredited sampling.


    Nánási út 42/B., H-1031 Budapest, Hungary


    +36 1 369 2354


    +36 1 369 8098




    [email protected]

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  • Trenecon Ltd.

    Trenecon Ltd. has a broad knowledge base of engineering, environmental expertise, and economics, which it builds on to develop policy documents and development programs, prepare infrastructure development, project and tender management, and technical design in the following four areas:

    • transport: transport planning, intelligent transport systems design, cycling strategy and concept design, railway design
    • economics: feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, strategy development, institutional and financial analyses
    • environment: environmental damage analysis, waste management strategy planning, remediation, air pollutant dispersion modelling, environmental strategy planning
    • territorial development: preparation of territorial and municipal strategies, project management, preparation of Territorial Operational Programmes

    Váci út 76, H-1133 Budapest, Hungary


    +36 1 237 1450


    +36 1 237 1451

    Web trenecon.hu
    E-mail [email protected]
  • Waterscope International Zrt.

     Waterscope's Sensors2Net technology supports many areas of the water industry with its advanced wireless data transmission solutions.

    Main products and applications:

    • SPM Smart Pressure Monitoring Tool: increase the efficiency of water pipelines, help to indicate pipe bursts and leaks, optimize pressure, locate faults
    • SHM Smart Hydrant - Master: provides continuous and real-time information on the water network's pressure, flow, and velocity. By analyzing the measured data, the load on the network can be reduced, and security of supply can be increased.
    • SHL Smart Hydrant Light: monitors the use of the hydrant, uses NFC to identify the water user's authorization, provides real-time information on the open/closed status of the hydrant.
    • SWB Smart Buoy: measures surface water quality,  transmits data via radio wave or GSM-based NBIoT technology.
    • SWM Outgoing wastewater monitoring: provides an advanced technology background for iterative fish farming, for example to measure water quality
    • SWM Effluent monitoring: monitoring of effluent quality at critical points, monitoring of effluent treatment steps, monitoring of disinfection systems
    • Predictive maintenance of sewage transfer pumps with continuous monitoring of data
    Kondorosi út 2/a, H-1116 Budapest, Hungary
     Phone: +36 30 244 8031


     E-mail: [email protected]
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