Palota Környezetvédelmi Ltd.

Palota Environmental Protection Ltd. and its predecessor have been at the disposal of its partners in the field of environmental protection, and in particular in the management of hazardous waste since 1986.

Main activities:

  • Acceptance of hazardous waste and wastewater in the framework of a complex service
    Provision of collection containers; road transport of hazardous waste of various types and conditions
  • physical (e.g. grinding/grinding, (re)packaging, dewatering) and chemical (e.g. cyanide removal, chromate reduction, neutralisation, precipitation) pre-treatment of hazardous waste, either in-house or by subcontractors
  • disposal of hazardous waste (incineration, biodegradation, final disposal)
  • recovery of special hazardous waste; reception and treatment of hazardous waste generated by the public and institutions
  • laboratory testing of hazardous waste, soil and wastewater
  • full reclamation of brownfield sites
  • engineering (planning and licensing, participation in R&D projects)

Szántóföld út 2-4., H-1151 Budapest, Hungary


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