Field of activity: Production of equipment for conveyance and processing materials.

Major groups of products:

  • Belt conveyors for bulk goods
  • Screens
  • Vibrating feeders
  • Mobile crushers
  • Bins
  • Sand washers, gravel washers
  • Overbandmagnetic separators for iron
  • Roller and belt conveyors for goods sold by the price

8900 Zalaegerszeg, Wlassics Gy. u. 13.





Web www.3bhungaria.hu


The company is entitled to conduct the full range of environmental specialist and suprevisory activities, including the management of ground water related installation and operation permits, design of hidraulic infrastructure. 
Cím Ganz Ábrahám u. 2., H-2100 Gödöllő,  Hungary
Telefon +36 28 417 463
Fax +36 28 415 964
Webhely www.agruniverholding.hu
E-mail info@agruniverholding.hu

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Akusztika Environmental Doha WLL., the Qatari joint venture of Akusztika Mérnöki Iroda Ltd.(Hungary) offers a broad scale of engineering-expert services in all areas of environmental protection and work safety to its clients and customers since 2013.


6500 Baja, Szent lászló u. 105.





Web akusztikakft.hu



The AQUACUST WATER LOSS ANALYSIS CO.LTD.'s main fields of activities are comprehensive surveys of water suply networks, measurement of losses in networks and water loss analysis.

Cím Farkasréti út 94., H-2040 Budaörs, Hungary
Telefon +36 23 428 548
Fax +36 23 428 549
Webhely www.aquacust.hu 
E-mail aquacust@hu.inter.net

The Bárczy Environmental Ltd. is specilized to prevent and reduce water pollution. The Bárczy Ltd. developed and patented a special Selective Filtration Technology. They sell ready to use equipment and provides personal consultations.
Address H-6000 Kecskemét, Thököly út 3. 
Phone +36/76 057 173

+36/76 057 173

Web www.barczy.hu 
E-mail iroda@barczy.hu

Békés Drén Ltd. is a market-leader in installation and operation of drainage systems in Hungary assuring cost-efficient intervention. They offer soil and ground water decontamination, treatment of environmental damages by waste landfills, installation of impermeable underground defence systems, installation of dam systems not hindering natural water flow, construction of wide diameter sewage duct, building-in vertical cables, assuring embankment stability, safeguarding residential real-estates, laying down wide diameter pipes.

Address H- 5630 Békés, Petőfi S. u. 20., 
Phone +36 66 510 610 
Fax +36 66 510 611
Web www.dren.hu 
E-mail info@dren.hu  
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The Eurofins KVI–Plusz Environmental Appraising Office Ltd. offers a wide spectrum of environmental sampling and analysis. The analysis laboratory conducts sampling and analysis in the field of environmental protection: ground water sampling, elaboration of sewage self-assessment plan , monitoring analysis, soil, compost, sewage sludge sampling, sampling and analysis of waste foe waste qualification, composition analysis of household waste, measurement of emissions, measurement of odour, preparation of environmental impact assessment, supervision and state assessment. 


H-1211 Budapest, Szállító u. 6., Hungary


+36 -1-261-2978

Fax +36-1-261-4323


E-mail info@kviplusz.hu
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FE-GROUP INVEST Plc. provides all round services in waste treatment. They collect and recycle wastes, and create complex waste collection systems.  

Address H-1108 Budapest, Sírkert u. 2-4., Hungary
Phone +36 -1-422-1904


Web www.fegroup.hu
E-mail titkarsag@fegroup.hu
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Geoview Systems Ltd.

Geoview Systems Ltd. is an information technology company, established from domestic capital, which has been functioning successfully for more than 20 years. Geoview Systems Ltd. is well known, by its high level services and its research and development activities. It has been functioning according to ISO 9001 record since 2003.

At the beginning, the company was almost exclusively specialized in development activities, while by now they are involved in large scale IT projects as well. Their successful IT R&D projects have been realized from European Union subsidies and contributed to create their professional concept, and to expand a range of activities. During the last few years they have widened the range of their products and services. 

Cím 1037 Budapest, Királylaki u. 63.
Telefon +36 1 240-7450
Fax +36 240-7454
Webhely www.geoview.hu
E-mail zoltan.farkas@geoview.hu

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The founders of the company are professionals with expertise acquired in plastic industry, processing and distribution. With its dominant market share, Holofon Zrt. is the leading plastic recycling company of Hungary. The annual production capacity is 10.000 tons. Recycling is performed through an environment friendly technology whose basic processes are selecting, crushing, grinding and granulating. According to the types of wastes taken over, the base materials are HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS base materials.


H-2086 Tinnye, Perbáli út 2. , Hungary


+36 -26/335-555



Web www.holofon.hu
E-mail info@holofon.hu
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Pandan Ltd.’s main activity is basically plastic processing, during which the company makes products of high plastic content for the environmental protection industry and the energy industry as well.

Besides the company provides complex services, developments and implementations on this field.

These latter works are supported by the special designer companies and designers of the professional fields, which results Pandan® Ltd. has decades of experience of cooperation in the field of waste water cleaning, power engineering, logistics, packaging industry and construction industry.


9700 Szombathely, Zanati út 38.





Web www.pandan.hu
E-mail info@pandan.hu

The Senex Ltd. provides services mainly in environmental audits, survey of damages , impact assessments, whole scale environmental supervision, and execution of complex environmental projects. The other important branch in the company is the distribution equipment for of waste water treatment. The company has a subsidiary in Slovakia.


H- 1031 Budapest, Nánási út 42/B., Hungary


+36 -1-369-8098







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tiszabérc A TISZA – BÉRC Kft. 100%-ban magyar tulajdonú cég. Megalakulása óta sikeresen és dinamikusan fejlődik, jelenleg négy telephellyel rendelkezik.

A cégünk fő tevékenységi köre a nem veszélyes és veszélyes hulladékok begyűjtése, kezelése és hasznosítása. Telephelyeinken magánszemélyektől és gazdasági társaságoktól egyaránt átvesszük a hasznosítható hulladékokat. Miskolc és Miskolc környéki iskolákban, óvodákban szervezzünk évente két alakalommal hulladékgyűjtési versenyt, melyben a gyerekek papírhulladékot, Pet palack és italos doboz hulladékokat gyűjthetnek.
Évente közel 100 iskola csatlakozik a gyűjtési akcióinkhoz.

Tevékenységünket a mindenkor hatályos környezetvédelmi jogszabályok betartásával végezzük, a tevékenység végzéséhez szükséges valamennyi hatósági engedéllyel rendelkezünk (veszélyes- nem veszélyes hulladék begyűjtési, kezelési illetve hasznosítási engedélyek, fémkereskedelmi engedély valamennyi telephelyünkre). Cégünk MSZ ISO 9001 és MSZ 14001 minőségirányítási rendszerrel rendelkezik.

Célunk, hogy tevékenységünkkel növeljük a hulladékokból kinyerhető és feldolgozható alapanyagok mennyiségét ezzel is csökkentve a káros anyagok környezetbe való jutását a természeti környezet megóvása érdekében.
Cím 3531 Miskolc, Kiss Ernő u. 17.








trenecon150 Highly interconnected service activities cover the full project cycle from preparation to project implementation combining unparalleled experience and in-house expertise in all fields that gives our company a competitive edge. This enables us to thoroughly consider all aspects of project foundation and sustainability providing higher value to our clients in developing projects with major contribution to the betterment of the specific area or region.

1133 Budapest, Váci út 76.


(1) 237 1450


(1) 237 1451

Web www.trenecon.hu
E-mail info@trenecon.hu


Waterscope Zrt. is an innovative, fully Hungarian owned business, established in 2006. Our aim is that together with the experts of the Institute for Computer Science and Control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to develop an equipment, which saves energy, monitors changes in water quality in 24 hours and provides support for the customers. The owners and the experts of our company had all gained their experiences in engineering assignments and public utility construction works.

We offer our product to water utilities, food and beverage industries committed to meet the highest health, food and environmental standards and as responsible business interested in increasing their customers’ satisfaction.

 Address: 1047 Budapest, Baross utca 79-89.
 Phone: 30 854 7248


 E-mail: info@waterscope.eu