KEXPORT Cluster’s 26 Hungarian environmental member companies have established a network of cooperation for mutual business success, which aims to provide expertise, knowledge and technology in the following environmental solutions and services on foreign markets.

Strategic goal of the Cluster is to create new business opportunities by promoting intersector cooperations, international joint product- and service marketing and market research to explore foreign cooperation opportunities and generate joint projects.

Cluster member companies have a stable professional and managerial past, which are capable of improving their competitiveness by enhancing the quality of cluster management services provided to the organizations and thereby promoting their access to the international market.


Technology fields:

  • accredited measuring, sampling (air, noise, soil, vibration, water, waste, wastewater)
  • air purification, deodorisation, ventillation
  • construction and renovation works at water utilities, microbiological water monitoring
  • environmental audits and impact assessments
  • industrial waste water treatment
  • laboratory tests
  • planning and manufacturing systems for material transport and processing
  • producing alternative fuel and preparation of biomass and pretreated waste for energy recovery
  • pre-treatment and recycling of paper,plastic, aluminium and electronic waste
  • remediation,
  • renovation of pipes
  • waste management
  • water loss measurement of water networks

 We are at our partner’ disposal as a project partner to consortia with extensive international network of businesses, governmental bodies and municipalities for European or international projects.

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