Susterra Capital Partners selects WaterScope Inc, as its flagship investment in water innovation!

Susterra Capital Partners selects WaterScope Inc, as its flagship investment in water innovation!

WaterScope, a Hungarian SME focused on the development of wireless data collection, sensor solutions and AI- based predictive modeling, has closed an investment agreement with Susterra for €600,000. WaterScope will use the funds to accelerate its international growth and plans to seek long term partnerships in global water hubs such as The Netherlands, the UAE, Singapore, and Japan.

"We are proud to have Water Impact Fund as our lead investor, and we commit to continuing the lineage of successful water innovation from Hungary. WaterScope is building a strong portfolio of Artificial Intelligence aided monitoring, ‘Sensors2Net’ systems. Its elements are individually operating units, linked to standard systems, which respond to challenges throughout the modern water industry at the highest technological level. These new funds give us further resources to develop Sensors2Net and offer it to the key water industry players on the world market” said Mr. Csaba Ilcsik, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, WaterScope Inc. 

"Susterra Capital Partners is pleased to invest into WaterScope Inc. a company with both significant growth potential and long-lasting, hands-on environmental & financial impact.” commented Mr. Bence Tóth, President of the Board of Susterra Capital Partners. 

About WaterScope 

WaterScope provides solutions for urban and rural water clients: such as water management & treatment companies, municipalities, urban planners, aquaculture companies and environmental protection authorities as well as their associated partners throughout the water cycle. 

WaterScope collects, collates and analyzes data within water facilities, networks and water bodies on quality, quantity, pressure, energy consumption and many other factors. Data is collected by its Sensor2Net system, evaluated by customized unique algorithms, which then provide predictive information to clients. WaterScope solutions save time, energy, water and money by providing water management information on a consistent and usable basis, long before any crisis arises. An easy to use, truly essential ‘water dashboard’ for customers! 

About Susterra Capital Partners –  Water Impact Fund 

Susterra's Water Impact Fund aims to transform the cleantech industry with evidence-based, cost effective and technologically-innovative interventions into the problems with the access, affordability and quality of water and sanitation services. Susterra invests in water-related businesses that have a clear SDG impact focus, and are ready to go cross-border with their proven products and/or services. Susterra evaluates financial returns/risk as well as social/environmental impact, when making investment decisions.

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