• laboratory tests
  • accredited measuring, sampling (air, noise, soil, vibration, water, waste, wastewater)
  • Bálint Analitika Ltd.

    Accredited testing laboratory, main activities of the company:

    • accredited sampling and laboratory testing evaluation of measurement results according to legislation, expert advice, solution proposals
    • environmental status assessments
    • review of defective products and technologies, troubleshooting, causal investigations
    • cooperation with university and academic research centres
    • participation in theoretical training, provision of practical training places
    • testing food and food contact packaging materials
    • medicine investigation

    The company also has a Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.

    Address Fehérvári út 144., H- 1116 Budapest, Hungary 
    Phone +36 1 206 0732
    Fax +36 1 382 6137
    E-mail [email protected]
  • Bárczy Ltd.

    Bárczy Environmental Protection Ltd. specializes in the prevention and remediation of liquid pollution. Since 1991, they have been engaged in engineering service and development activities and in the trade of the replenishing agents, remediation equipment and selective filtration equipment that are part of their profile.

    With their own patented engineering team, they support our partners in industry, construction, hazardous goods handling and the transport sector with innovative processes and equipment for the prevention and response to liquid pollution.

    Address Úrrét 80/M, H-6000 Kecskemét, Hungary
    Phone +36 20 246 4515

    +36 76 057 173

    E-mail [email protected]
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