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 Waterscope's Sensors2Net technology supports many areas of the water industry with its advanced wireless data transmission solutions.

Main products and applications:

  • SPM Smart Pressure Monitoring Tool: increase the efficiency of water pipelines, help to indicate pipe bursts and leaks, optimize pressure, locate faults
  • SHM Smart Hydrant - Master: provides continuous and real-time information on the water network's pressure, flow, and velocity. By analyzing the measured data, the load on the network can be reduced, and security of supply can be increased.
  • SHL Smart Hydrant Light: monitors the use of the hydrant, uses NFC to identify the water user's authorization, provides real-time information on the open/closed status of the hydrant.
  • SWB Smart Buoy: measures surface water quality,  transmits data via radio wave or GSM-based NBIoT technology.
  • SWM Outgoing wastewater monitoring: provides an advanced technology background for iterative fish farming, for example to measure water quality
  • SWM Effluent monitoring: monitoring of effluent quality at critical points, monitoring of effluent treatment steps, monitoring of disinfection systems
  • Predictive maintenance of sewage transfer pumps with continuous monitoring of data
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